The Future of Financial Data is Here

With just a few clicks, Strongbox transforms business financials into custom, actionable reports. 


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Work Smarter

Wasting time on menial tasks is a thing of the past. No more tracking down data and manually building spreadsheets.

Instant Data

Connect directly to the company’s accounting system via Strongbox integrations.

Increased Margin

Reduce required data prep time, leading to higher margins on every project.​

Faster Growth

Less time crunching numbers means more time serving new clients and projects.​

Step 1

Connect directly to a business accounting software.

  • Eliminate the back and forth to track down required documents

  • Multiple, secure options for your team to collect the data

  • Enables accounting system analysis of the financial data

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Step 2

Strongbox performs over 70 operations on the accounting software data.

  • Normalization & account mapping

  • 50+ validation screens & forensic checks

  • Comparison, trend, & cash flow analysis

  • Leading KPIs & ratios

Step 3

Download instant intelligence and easy-to-use datasets in an Excel workbook.

  • Data visualizations

  • Transaction level detail

  • Custom branding and reports for your firm

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Proven Results

From the Big 4 to boutique, regional accounting firms, Strongbox is the most trusted financial data analysis tool with a 98% retention rate.

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