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Unlocking Financial Data

Strongbox creates an automated pathway from accounting systems to standard, comprehensive Excel workbooks.

Strongbox: The Market Leader in Data Extraction & Transformation

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Used by more than half the top 25 US firms for audits, M&A, CAS, valuation, and more! 


The Universal Tool for All Your Firm's Teams:


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Strongbox transforms audit workflows. Clients can submit 80% of the PBC list in just a few clicks and in the Excel format you need to upload into your audit software - happy clients, happy audit teams!

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Strongbox transforms business financial data into M&A-ready Excel workbooks with standardized formatting in seconds. Your databook preparation, simplified.

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Scale your CAS practice with Strongbox. Streamline new client assessments, ace month-end close diagnostics, and enhance reporting effortlessly for your team and your clients.

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Strongbox streamlines your data migrations. Transition clients to your preferred ERP seamlessly with our pre-populated upload templates.

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Go from document request list to valuation model in minutes. Strongbox delivers financials in ready-to-use Excel workbooks using a simple connection experience for your clients.


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Time Savings = Higher Margins

Save 8-15 hours on average for each standard data collection. For multiple entities and large data sets, this increases to a week’s worth of time PER PROJECT.

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Increase Revenue

Less time needed to gather and manipulate data increases your firm’s capacity. Say “yes” instead of “no” to new projects or for deeper analysis that can be billed at a higher rate.

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Firm Scalability

With a Strongbox-enabled standardized process, you’ll train new team members faster, better allocate staff and resources, improve project timelines, and scale at a faster rate.

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Improved Client Relationships

Make your clients (or target companies) and your team happier by eliminating the need for the endless back-and-forth just to access to all of the needed financial data.

"A Life-Changing Tool"

Extract. Analyze. Excel with Financial Data.

Easy Connections

With three connection options, we make it easy for you and your clients to connect Strongbox to their accounting system. Connect directly with admin credentials, send a secure link so the client can connect themselves, or use our APIs to automate collection into your existing processes!

Tour Connecting with Strongbox

Raw Data in Excel

Strongbox extracts all raw data from the accounting system and delivers it into flat, clean data tables in Excel. The full general ledger and its related details, including journal entries, are ready for your to perform your analysis in seconds.

Tour Raw Data in the Strongbox Output

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Advanced Analysis

In addition to the raw data, Strongbox also performs industry-standard analysis. From Income Statement and Balance Sheet variances to advanced cash flow statements, AR/AP agings, and concentrations, work with the analysis in the same workbook as the raw data, all customized to each service line’s needs. 

Tour Financial Analysis in the Strongbox Output

Safe & Secure

Strongbox is a read-only connection that uses bank-level encryption and industry-leading security measures to keep all of your clients’ data safe. We use Microsoft Azure’s security infrastructure and boast both GDPR compliance and SOC 2 Type II certification. 

Learn More About Strongbox Security

Dixie McCurley, Partner

"As our CAS practice is digitally aligned, we love tools like Strongbox that help us organize and manipulate data in a practical and easy way.

The immediate access to the amount of information we receive from Strongbox helps us make more accurate pricing decisions.

The ability to extract data from systems unlocks potential for standardization that will help our firm grow rapidly."

Jeff Hawkins, Partner

“Our managing partner tasked our group with improving efficiency to handle more and more deal flow activity. While we expected for technology to be significant portion of this effort, Strongbox has been a real difference maker.

Not only has this enabled our staff to focus more on the analysis, but Strongbox also enables quicker and more efficient training due to the standard report outputs. Technology is here, and it must be embraced."

Sylvie Gadant, Partner

“Strongbox was transformational to our TAS practice, which grew at a dizzying pace last year, right after we purchased the software.

It saved our team hundreds of hours at the onset of engagements, especially when we diligenced a consolidated group. It’s made our onboarding process much more efficient.

It’s a must-have for any TAS practice.”

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Resources to Help You Get Started

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Join our community of Top Accounting Firms from the Big 4 to Regional Experts. Request your free Strongbox demo today and try our Risk-Free Pilot Program.

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