For Loan Origination Teams

Auto-spreading and real-time data for instant decisioning​


Embed the Strongbox Widget into loan applications so customers can submit financial data in one click. 

Your team gains instant access to auto-spread financials and cash flow analysis.​

Easy Implementation

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Standardized and Detailed Financial Statements

Up-to-date balance sheets and income statements.​

Strongbox can map detailed financial statements to any chart of accounts.​


Learn about Intelligent Mapping

Cash Flow​

Detailed cash flow transactions by category to apply underwriting criteria​

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KPIs and Ratios.png

KPIs and Ratios​

Auto-calculated metrics and ratios that fit your underwriting criteria.​

All Data available to download in ready-to-use Financial Workbooks (Excel) or via the Strongbox API.​

Why loan origination teams choose Strongbox:​

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A better borrower​

The one-click submission process using Strongbox eliminates the

back-and-forth experienced today between borrowers and the lender.​


Faster data collection & underwriting​

Digital gathering and automated analysis streamlines your processes and removes opportunities for human error or workflow bottlenecks.​


Price risk more accurately​

Underwriting using the full financial picture of the borrower increases the quality of credit assessments and

risk pricing.​