Strongbox Connect

Strongbox is a platform that collects and analyzes financial data from a business’ accounting system. Strongbox outputs are used by credit teams to standardize decisioning criteria and automate risk analysis. The benefits for businesses are realized through the Strongbox easy, one-click interface to securely provide financial information to authorized third parties.

To collect data from a QuickBooks Desktop company file, Strongbox uses an agent (a windows executable) - Strongbox Connect - that needs to be downloaded and installed on the user's Windows machine. This is typically done from the Strongbox Financial Portal. 

This document provides information on the setup and technical data flow and typical for Strongbox Connect. 

If you would like help troubleshooting Strongbox Connect, click here.

Setup guide to connect to QuickBooks Desktop 

Supported Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 7+ and Microsoft Windows 2016+ 

Supported QuickBooks Desktop Versions: 

  • Pro 2013 - latest 

  • Premier 2013 - latest 

  • Accountant – Accountant 2013 - latest 

  • Enterprise – 13 - latest 

How to Download and Install Strongbox Connect 

  1. Get and install the latest updates to QuickBooks Desktop  

  2. Close the QuickBooks Desktop application  

  3. Download the Strongbox Connect Windows Installer package (msi). It can be downloaded from the Strongbox Portal (here) and installed using either of the supported installation modes –  

    1. Single user or​

    2. All users on the machine (requires Windows administrator privileges).  ​ 

Grant access to Strongbox Connect 

  1. Open the QuickBooks company file as the QuickBooks company file ‘admin’ user 

  2. Accept the QuickBooks prompt to access the Company file data (see below)


Note: Social security numbers and credit card numbers are NOT collected. This setting allows you to share high-level payroll information with Strongbox. 

Verify Strongbox Connect installation 

To ensure that Strongbox Connect is installed correctly: 

  1. Open ‘Add or Remove Programs’ in the System Settings (or Control Panel). 

  2. Verify Strongbox Connect is installed. 

To ensure Strongbox Connect can be launched: 

  1. Close the QuickBooks Desktop application. 

  2. Open the Quick Books company file that Strongbox Connect was granted access to. 

  3. Verify Strongbox Connect is launched

    1. Using the System Tray or ​

    2. Using the Task Manager – ensure StrongboxConnect.exe is running. 

If Strongbox Connect does not show up in the system tray and/or task manager, please see the troubleshooting steps.