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Strongbox Testimonials

At Strongbox, what matters most are the partners, analysts, managers, bankers, executives, and more that trust us to help their firms succeed. From the Big 4 to regional practices, from the world's largest fintechs to boutique investment banks, our customers say it best. Hear why they choose Strongbox.


What Our Customers Say

"It's a must-have for any TAS practice."

"Strongbox was transformational to our TAS practice, which grew at a dizzying pace last year, right after we purchased the software.


It saved our team hundreds of hours at the onset of engagements, especially when we diligenced a consolidated group. It’s made our onboarding process much more efficient."

"I think Strongbox is great!"


"I found it easy to use, as did the target company management team. It produced a very well-organized deliverable almost instantaneously.


Strongbox saved our team 15 hours of time and the annoying back and forth with the target to get the right data"

"We love tools like  Strongbox!"

"As our CAS practice is digitally aligned, we love tools like Strongbox that help us organize and manipulate data in a practical and easy way.

The immediate access to the amount of information we receive from Strongbox helps us make more accurate pricing decisions.


The ability to extract data from systems unlocks potential for standardization that will help our firm grow rapidly."

Citrin Round.png

Sylvie Gadant



Senior Manager, TAS

Big 4 Accounting Firm

Dixie Round.png

Dixie McCurley


"The impact was almost immediate."

"Strongbox has allowed us to significantly reduce deal preparation time and request list size.


The ability to export all usable data from a variety of ERP systems into one easy-to-digest excel file has sped up our diligence process and eliminated certain mundane tasks for our team."

"Strongbox is a breathrough tool."

"We use Strongbox to better understand customers and deepen that relationship by providing a secure, simple, and easy way for customers to share their information.

Strongbox is helping us gain key financial data insights, allowing us to better support our customers' growth."

"We save so much time with Strongbox."

"Accurate financial data is crucial to the due diligence process.


Strongbox allows our TAS team to quickly extract the information we need in a clean format so that we can perform the high-quality analysis our customers expect.”

Coleman Scholz round headshot

Coleman Scholz


Duane Good

Duane Good round headshot

President & COO


TAS Principal

Top 25 Accounting Firm



"We are able to streamline a lot of the front-end efforts on a project.

With the customizations the Finagraph team built for us, our staff spends less time data mining and formatting and more time focusing on the analysis of the company's financials."

"Strongbox helps our staff streamline."

"Strongbox is very simple & easy to use."


“Huge supporter of Strongbox. It's very simple and easy to use.


It saves probably a weeks worth of time (both direct time spent making databooks, and indirect time waiting for the client to get the correct information / following up for different data cuts). Output is great - very easy to follow.”

Bennet Thrasher Round.png

Vijay Vaswani



Big 4 Accounting Firm

Manager, TAS

Managing Director

Duke Deen

Duke Round.png

What Whitley Penn Has to Say:

“Strongbox saves our team valuable time which allows us to provide greater value and attention to our clients.”

"Strongbox has been a real difference maker."

"Our managing partner tasked our group with improving efficiency to handle more and more deal flow activity. While we expected technology to be a significant portion of this effort, Strongbox has been a real difference maker.

Not only has this enabled our staff to focus more on analysis, but Strongbox also enables quicker and more efficient training due to the standard report outputs. Technology is here, and it must be embraced."

"Strongbox allows us to be more efficient!"

Strongbox saves a significant amount of time on the front end so we can really focus on the analysis that’s beneficial for the client as opposed to spending all our time trying to get to and validate the data.


Strongbox allows us to be faster and more efficient without sacrificing detail and quality.”


"This tool helps to differentiate our firm!"

"Strongbox saved significant time in the request list process, with approximately four days of collective time saved on each engagement.


It helped to differentiate our firm using this tool.


It allowed insight into breaking down GL data using the journal entry extracts to perform extra analysis."

Jeff Round.png

Jeff Hawkins


Manager, TAS

Big 4 Firm

Marc Round.png

Forensic Director

Marc Courey


"We save 15-20 hours on each engagement."

"Strongbox is really useful as it eliminates the processing time for the client as well our team.


Strongbox allows us to save approximately 15-20 hours each engagement.


The output is perfectly formatted and presents all the inputs we typically need. As a reviewer having the entire set of accounts in an excel workbook is convenient and saves times as well as improves quality."

"The Maxwell Locke & Ritter team are fans!"

"Strongbox has greatly simplified the process of data gathering for our team. This makes all parties (including our team, our clients, and the target company) happy and less stressed.


Receiving the source data in the same format on each Strongbox enabled deal has helped improve the internal efficiency for our team."

"Strongbox makes our  lives easier"

"I absolutely love the portal and the ability to use Strongbox.


I know our clients that use it would also agree, as it saves them time from pulling our requests.

Makes both parties' lives easier!"



Big 4 Firm

Lathrop Smith Round headshot

Lathrop Smith


Manager, TAS

Big 4 Firm


"It's a Life-Changing Product"

"I would definitely recommend Strongbox. for me it starts with their great client service and their ability to understand the problems that we're facing.

The other piece of that is that we are really see it as a great sales tool.

As we talk to clients about what we can bring to the audit to make it as efficient as we can so that they can continue on with their day jobs, this has been a great sales point that we can bring up during the proposal process. 

Strongbox helps the audit move smoothly and helps us lessen the amount of time that we need from their team to support the audit."

HighRock Partners Love Strongbox for M&A


"Strongbox provides efficiency in accessing financial data from various accounting and ERP systems, and then standardization and analysis in our investment banking process to quickly understand our clients' financial history and trends. 


The Strongbox team made implementation and training easy."

Lesley Round.png

Lesley Hargraves


Kenneth Round.png

Kenneth Marks

Founder, Managing Partner

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