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Free Webinar: Unleash Audit Efficiency with Strongbox and Wolters Kluwer

Stop wasting time on data entry and formatting!


Hear from the Wolters Kluwer team and learn how Strongbox seamlessly works with CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement, CCH Axcess™ Engagement, and TeamMate Analytics to supercharge your audit workflow.


Here's what you'll see:

- Effortless Data Extraction: Automated data extraction directly from your client's accounting system eliminates manual data entry and reformatting.

- Streamlined Uploads: Pre-formatted upload files for each CCH product ensures a standardized process regardless of the accounting system used.

- Deeper Analysis: Standardized data tables produced by Strongbox allow for instant comprehensive and insightful analysis across the general ledger and subledgers using TeamMate Analytics.

- Client Benefits: Minimize the number of reports your client needs to generate.


Plus, hear a real-world perspective! An audit partner who utilizes both Strongbox and CCH tools will share their experience and the efficiency gains their firm has achieved. Wolters Kluwer® and Strongbox can revolutionize the way your firm approaches audits! Download to learn how.


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