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Forensic Accounting

Complete forensic procedures in a fraction of the time by leveraging instant data extraction and transaction-level analysis.

Why Strongbox

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Integrations with the most popular accounting software.

Our forensic accounting technology pulls the information you need directly from the third-party's accounting software, saving you time and ensuring completeness and accuracy. (Microsoft Dynamics coming soon!)

How forensic accountants use Strongbox


Line-by-line monthly balance sheets and income statements in a standard format with variance calculations and ratios to easily spot anomalies.


Download a ready-to-use Excel spreadsheet that can be customized to fit your firm's needs.


Connect yourself or send a URL to the third-party to easily connect the accounting system.


Maintain the highest level of security & privacy with our SOC 2 certification.


Access individual transactions from the accounting system to spot anomalies or fraud.​


Completeness, reliability, and forensic checks on each month of data to help identify questionable data.

Forensic Accounting Technology Insights

Ready to Try Strongbox?

Join our community of Top Accounting Firms from the Big 4 to Regional Experts. Request your free Strongbox demo today and try our Risk-Free Pilot Program.

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