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Financial Audit Software

Strongbox helps complete the PBC request list in your financial audits with just a few clicks.

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"A Life-Changing Tool"

Strongbox + Wolters Kluwer

Strongbox creates an automated pathway for data to be upload-ready for 3 CCH products!

Strongbox is a single tool to help you start your audits on the right foot - with a happy client and data formatted in ready-to-use templates for CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement, CCH Axcess™ Engagement, and TeamMate Analytics.

Save your team and your clients time for fast and easy audits using Strongbox with the power of the CCH Suite of Tools!

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CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement

Strongbox extracts balances, account numbers, classifications for auto grouping, and more from your client's accounting system to upload into Engagement instantly for huge efficiency gains in your audits.

CCH® Axcess™

Upload data directly from your client's accounting system into CCH, including balances, account numbers, monthly balances, classifications, and more with Strongbox.


See how it connects to accounting systems:

TeamMate Analytics

Full General Ledger details from Strongbox enable deeper analytics in TeamMate, using pre-saved workflows to go beyond just journal testing.

Run saved tests in just a few clicks

Journal testing, AR agings, AP testing

Standard outputs every time for easy scaling and training

Why Strongbox?

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Happier Clients

Reduce confusion, back and forth, and time needed for your clients to complete the PBC request list.

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Better Staffing

Allow partners to better staff audits, reducing sitting around time thanks to instant delivery of needed documents in Excel format.

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Improved Forecasting

Better forecast when your audits will be complete with standardized, predictable processes.

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Integrations with the most popular accounting software

Strongbox pulls the information you need directly from the organization's accounting software, saving you time and ensuring completeness and accuracy in your audits. (Microsoft Dynamics coming soon!)

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Download our free Busy Season Review Toolkit, complete with checklist, request list templates,, and more!

Make the PBC Request List Easier for Your Clients

Without Strongbox

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With Strongbox

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Financial Audit Software


Everything you need in a single click - from general ledger to working trial balance - for any period.


Instant cash basis view of the company’s performance to help with revenue recognition and other procedures.


Income Details

Access breakdowns of revenue by account, customer, product/service, and more.


Incorporate your own audit formulas or ratios in addition to the full suite offered in the Strongbox Excel Workbooks.


Financial audit software you can trust! Maintain the highest level of security & privacy with our SOC 2 certification.


Connect yourself or send a URL to your client to easily connect the accounting system.


AR/AP Details & Analysis

Detailed invoice and bills, plus concentration and aging analysis to help with confirmation sample selections.


Use transaction level details to quickly identify entries that fit your audit procedures.


Audit Insights

Ready to Try Strongbox?

Join our community of Top Accounting Firms from the Big 4 to Regional Experts. Request your free Strongbox demo today and try our Risk-Free Pilot Program.

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