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Account Mapping Your Way. Client Data Delivered in Your Own Templates Every Time.

Build custom income and financial statement templates for your firm (or for each client). Then download your client's data in that format right into Excel with a single click.

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"This feature will lead to explosive growth for our practice."

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"Our managing partner tasked our group with improving efficiency to handle more and more deal flow activity. While we expected for technology to be significant portion of this effort, Strongbox has been a real difference maker.

Not only has this enabled our staff to focus more on the analysis, but Strongbox also enables quicker and more efficient training due to the standard report outputs. Technology is here, and it must be embraced."

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Jeff Hawkins


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Custom Income Statement & Balance Sheet Structures

Work in the Strongbox portal to design the exact reports you need for each individual client.

Map GL Accounts your way

Build your own structure and layout

Apply your own labeling system for each client

Easily Format Incoming Data

Rearrange footers, headers, and line items without having to worry about your financial formulas moving with you.

Determine if debts or credits are positive for each GL account

Supports multiple number/decimal formats

Auto-sort any column without losing hierarchy

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Apply It Once, Use Forever

Map accounts to your own section, and your mapping will get applied every time after!

New accounts flagged to easily find items that need mapping

Great for ongoing reporting, custom firm analysis, and specific client scenarios

Create, Use, Reuse, and Share Your Own Templates

Create custom income statements & balance sheets for each client and/or make a standard format to use for the entire firm.

Changes automatically saved and applied

Customize it once - use it forever!

Share templates across workspaces and teammates

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Customizations Delivered as an Excel Workbook

Once you've customized your income statements and balance sheets, generate Excel workbooks where you can perform your analysis.

Flat tables with mapping levels

Formatted workbooks and analysis

Ready to Try Strongbox?

Join our community of Top Accounting Firms from the Big 4 to Regional Experts. Request your free Strongbox demo today and try our Risk-Free Pilot Program.

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