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Data Transformation

After extraction, data is normalized, validated, and enriched before its delivered in standard outputs.

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Each time you need to collect data from a client, your team likely spends hours manipulating that data in Excel to get it in the proper format just so they can start the work.

Strongbox Data Transformation does this step for you.


Data Model

Regardless of the accounting system connected to, Strongbox Normalization creates a common data model – preserving the differences between systems while mapping fields and values across each.


With Strongbox there’s no need to train your team on the intricacies of outputs from each system.

Flat Data Tables

Strongbox delivers data in a clean, flat data table so you can easily pivot, sort, filter, or run your formulas without the hassle of reformatting data. What used to take hours can now happen in seconds.

Account Mapping

No more manual mapping of GL accounts to a standard model. Use the Strongbox output and mapping tables to generate new financials in minutes.

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50+ Data Screens Per Month of Data

Each month of data collected is run through completeness, reliability, and forensic checks. Any failed checks are available to you in a results table in XLSX or can be generated by the Strongbox API.

Validation Check Examples:

Trial Balance

Accounting Equations

Continuity (period-over-period rolls)

Missing Figures, Activity, and Correlations

Benford's Law

Report-to-Report Tie-Outs:

When multiple data reports are collected (i.e., GL data, financials, AR/AP), full report totals are tied-out for completeness so you can be sure you are working with a complete dataset.



KPI & Ratio Calculations

Both common financial ratios and your own customized formulas are performed on the raw data.

Comparison & Trend Analysis

Period-over-period dollar and percentage variance, available by month, quarter, annual or custom periods.

Proprietary Cash Flow Analysis

Built using transaction-level detail from the accounting system, the Strongbox one click cash flow analysis returns categorized cash flows by type (operating, financing, investing) to prepare a direct-method cash flow statement.


With both detail and summarized reports, you can trace any cash movement to individual transactions in the GL.

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