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Go from your initial document request to your valuation model in minutes. With the click of a button, Strongbox delivers ready-to-use Excel workbooks with financial statements and data straight from the target’s accounting system.

Why Strongbox

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Integrations with the most popular accounting software.

Strongbox pulls the information you need directly from the client's accounting software, saving you time and ensuring completeness and accuracy. (Microsoft Dynamics and Netsuite coming soon!)

Take advantage of validated and forensically reviewed data!

How business valuation firms use Strongbox

Line-by-line monthly and annual balance sheets and income statements in a standard format.

Best-in-class cash flow analysis ready to be plugged into your valuation model.

Receive breakdowns of revenue by account, customer, product/service, and more.

Instant calculations of common financial ratios and metrics to uncover patterns and identify points of interest.

Maintain the highest level of security and privacy with our SOC 2 certification.

Connect yourself or send a URL to the target to easily connect the accounting system.

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