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Standardized Outputs

Access client financial data in customizable formats and ready-to-use Excel workbooks that fit efficiently into your existing processes.

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Pre-Built Excel Workbooks

Built for How You Work

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Strongbox generates ready-to-use Excel workbooks (XLSX) using the financial data collected from the business’s accounting system.


These outputs include all the data you need to complete projects, directly in the format you need.


Choose from XLSX templates that include flat data tables, industry-standard analysis, financial checks and more.

Analysis Included in the Strongbox Output:

Financial Statement Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis

Sales/AR Analysis

Expense/AP Analysis

Customer Copies

Variance Analysis & Financial Ratios

AR/AP Concentration & Aging

Customer / Vendor Reporting

Excel Workbooks

Customizable Templates

An Output That Works for You

Save hours of Excel work by creating the perfect custom output in Strongbox.

The Strongbox output is highly customizable.

Not only can we accommodate requests for specific data, time periods, reports, formulas, and metrics to be added to your workbooks, but we can make the output branded for your firm.

Add logos, internal fields like account numbers, formatting, and colors so that both your data and your branding stay consistent.

Custom Connection
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For development teams, leverage the Strongbox API to extract any report, data point, or analysis result.

Strongbox API offers you a fully customized experience that integrates with your existing applications, services, or customer experiences, giving your team complete control.


Data Visualizations

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Easily spot trends, uncover anomalies needing investigation, and impress clients with real-time data visualizations. 

Built directly into Excel, the Strongbox Output data visualizations make reporting fast and easy.

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