Seamless Data Connections


With the Strongbox accounting system integration, you can access financial data instantly.

One-Click Connections

Flexible Accounting System Integration


Strongbox offers flexible accounting system integrations. With a single click, you can connect directly to the business's accounting system. Or you can share a URL with the account owner for them to easily connect themselves. 

In one click, you get all the financial information you need automatically, saving weeks of back and forth trying to get the documents you need.

And with an automatic digital connection, you remove opportunities for human error and costly delays.

Strongbox integrates with the most popular
ERPs and accounting systems:

Customizable Connection Experience

Three Ways to Integrate

Create a connection experience that fits your existing processes and keeps your customers, targets, and team happy.  

We offer a variety of options for integration so that you can use the method that best fits your needs:

1. White-Labeled Web Portal

(No coding required)

Customers Access Strongbox Using Your Branded Portal.png

Give us your logo, colors, and desired copy, and you can have a fully branded web portal up in running in just a day. Share the simple URL and keep your digital customer experiences aligned across platforms.

2. Strongbox Widget

(Low-code - anyone can do it!)

Easily Add the Strongbox One-Click Connection Widget.png

Drag and drop the widget into your application or service. Set the fonts, colors, and other UI elements. and you are up and running in minutes.

3. Direct API Access

(Full customization via coding)​


Gives you full integration and customization into your existing application or service.


High-Level Data Asset Collection

Note to Justin:
I think there's opportunity to beef this section up with some more specifics. For example, a bulleted list for the type of financial statements we pull and other features besides being able to customize date range? Since some will navigate to this section via a "Read More" from their segment, we want to do a little more than just a high level list of what assets we collect. And we need to make sure we're doing Feature + Benefit (why is this good that we pull this - what/how does it help them). I attempted a start at this, but hopefully your accounting and product knowledge can help us expand a smidge.

With Strongbox, you can make better, faster decisions using real time and holistic data about a business's financial health. Here are some of the high-level assets Strongbox delivers in minutes via our accounting system integration: 

Financial Statements

Ensure you're working with the most current information by utilizing year-to-date financials that can go as far back as you need, including P/Ls, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

Transaction Details

Produce more accurate​ reports with transaction-level details instead of relying on limited sampling.

AR/AP Details

Understand a business's cash flow situation quickly with up-to-date AR/AP details for each month. 

Revenue Details

See all sources of revenue​ in one, central report that includes all of a business's bank accounts and transactions.

Customer / Vendor Lists

Get a complete picture of the lifetime value, churn, and growth opportunities for customers and vendors working with the business.

Chart of Accounts

Customize the intelligent mapping of financial statements to match your chart of accounts.


Validation Checks

audit icon.png

Strongbox performs a comprehensive set of checks to uncover missing or questionable financial data. Over 50 checks are performed on each month of data to help identify anomalies.

Completeness Checks:

Out of date information

Missing historical periods

Missing amounts for account categories

Missing balance sheet activity

Trial balance

Reliability Checks:

Accounting equations and formulas

Period-over-period continuity

Missing correlations between account categories

Forensic accounting (Benford's Law & KS Test)


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